Our Fantastic Team at LEAP

Every valued member of our team work so hard each  week to ensure our classes are as fun and enjoyable as possible! carrying the leap ethos through each class. We couldn't be more proud of their effort, coaching ability and creativity. 

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Jessica Broe- Gymnastics Coach

I started gymnastics quite late in comparison to most people at the age of 9. I was a member of my gymnastics club for over 10 years competing in events and displays around the country.

Favourite gymnastics skill you could or can still do?

I can still do the splits and a pretty good Y balance.

How many years  have you been coaching?

I have coached since I was 13 so nearly 10 years.

Best moment in leap?

My best moment in Leap was the leap summer show in 2017. I loved creating routines for 3 of my classes and organising costumes for them to wear at the show.

What do you like about working at leap?

I like the freedom and flexibility I have at leap. Most clubs follow proficiency schemes however I like how I can tailor any class to what the children would like to achieve.

Top tip you say to your leapers?

I always say to my leapers “practice makes perfect”. It is unlikely that you will be able to achieve a skill in one session, however if you are motivated and determined then it makes it a lot easier.


Laura Hallet

Gymnasts Coach

Started gymnastics at the age of 4 and being doing it 17 years

Fav skill; Free cartwheel

Been coaching for 4 years

Fav thing at leap;

Seeing the kids achieve a skill they have worked really hard for

Something i like about working at leap:

The other coaches and sharing my love the of the sport

Common phase: Gymnasts aren't made in a day!


Gemma King

Type of coach – Dance.
Age started – 2.
Types of dance – I have mainly trained in tap, modern and ballet, however I have learned many other styles during my professional dancing career.
Favourite skills – My favourite skills I have learnt through dance would be pointe work in ballet (but I can’t do that anymore.)
I have also learnt some aerial work in my professional career, such as silks, hoops and web. (again, I can’t do these anymore either!)
How many years I have been coaching –
I started my teaching career when I was just 14, helping my dance teacher with her younger classes. From there I went to dance college to gain all my teaching qualifications, teaching classes for experience all through my college years.
I have been teaching at Leap for around 2 years now, (I think).
Best moment in Leap –
The Summer show 2017. I loved seeing everyones hard work coming together!
Something I like about working at Leap –
I love seeing everyones face when they come through the door ready to have fun and learn new things.
Top Tip/Common Phrase –
“Head Up, eye line up” and “Yessss well done!”


Chloe Morrison

Type of coach? Both Dance and Gymnastics

Age started dance or gymnastics and types you have done and for how many years? 

Started dancing at the age of 3. Have trained in Hip hop, commercial, contemporary, ballet, tap, jazz, cheerleading and Irish dancing. I have trained in all these styles since the very beginning and have been able to train professionally in contemporary dance whilst studying my degree at EdgeHill university.

Favourite dance skill you could or can still do? 8 (clean) Fouette Turns in row.

How many years  have you been coaching? I have been teaching dance since I was 16 but recently joined leap last summer.

Best moment in leap? The Christmas shows watching everyone perform the routines I created. It was so rewarding seeing the dance routines come to life and their progression.

Something you like about working at leap? Getting to teach so many different kids, ages and abilities.

Top tip you say to your leapers/ common phrase? Point your toes


Sasha Mhagrh


Dance Coach

Age started dance or gymnastics and types you have done and for how many years.

I started dancing at the age of 8, joining a Street dance class. I then went on to study tap, ballet, street, jazz & musical theatre at college gaining a first diploma & a national diploma. Once finishing college I moved to London for 3 years to do a dance degree at Kingston University London.

Favourite dance skill you could or can still do?

Kip Up

How many years have you been coaching?

I have coached from being just 16 years old for a previous dance manager. When being fully qualified I started to work within education and at clubs like Leap. I have coached at Leap for nearly 3 years but 11 years altogether.

Best moment in leap?

The best moments in Leap are seeing a dancers finally get something they’ve been working super hard at, when you see it click it’s the BEST. Also watching our dancers perform to their very proud parents, that's amazing!

Something you like about working at leap.

Leap is a fab company to work for. It’s lovely to meet so many different characters, Leapers & coaches!

Top tip you say to your leapers/ common phrase.

If you are going to do it, do I big!

Don’t snooze & loose dancers. 


Amy Bell


Gymnastics Coach

Age started dance or gymnastics and types you have done and for how many years

I started gym at the age of 7 and continued for 10 years. Before starting gymnastics I did Dancing from being age 3-13.

Favourite gymnastics skill you could or can still do?


How many years  have you been coaching?

I started coaching as a helper at 13 and continued so I have been coaching for around 8 years.

Best moment in leap?

My favourite moment in LEAP was when we had the opportunity to take schools to the echo arena to perform amazing routines.

Something you like about working at leap

I love seeing our amazing gymnasts progress and have fun every session.

Top tip you say to your leapers/ common phrase

“Straight Legs and point those toes”


Jane Tiplov

Type of coach: Dance

Favourite skill: Fouetté turns

Years of coaching: On and off for 5 years

Best moment at Leap: Feeling very proud of my lovely Ursuline class when they performed their Christmas dance for all the parents! They were very excited!

Something I like about working at Leap: The friendliness of the company, and also the enthusiasm from the kids. The children I teach love absolutely every second of their lesson and its such a joy to be a part of.

Top tip/common phrase: Stretch those legs and point those feet!!!!


Jessica Holiday

Gymnastic coach
I was 8 when I started dance and 9 when I started gymnastics
My favourite gymnastic skill is an arieal
I have been coaching for nearly 2 years
My best moment in leap was when I passed my first ever gymnastic coaching award
I like working at leap because every session is different to the last. Also through working with leap I have developed much more confidence with working with children and talking to parents
My top tip is to always stretch and have lots of fun during your classes


Ellie Millard

Gym coach

I started gymnastics when I was 6 and stopped at 13, when I then began coaching until now☺

My favourite gymnastics skill is a round-off back tuck!

About 5 years

Watching the group perform their routines that they had been practising for weeks in front of their parents at Christmas

My favourite part about being a coach for LEAP is how funny the kids are, as they never fail to make me laugh!

My top tip to my leapers is to keep working hard and practice whenever you can!


Emma Dinsdale

Dance Coach

  1. Started Age 3- Ballet, Tap, Modern, Jazz ISTD syllabus up to advanced level classes for 15 years. Also did Performing Arts at college/ uni learning the above classes as well as Contemporary, Lyrical and Commercial.
  2. Favourite dance style skill that I can still do is different variety of Leaps, splits, and time step (tap)
  3. I have been coaching for 5 Months.
  4. Best moment in leap is the advanced dancers on a Saturday afternoon performing my choreography for competition in-front of all the parents. So proud of how they performed.
  5. I like working with leap because I love working with children and seeing them grow and progress each week.
  6. Favourite phrase is when repeating dance skills- practice makes perfect, which helps make a better performer.


Gymnastics Coach

I’ve been a gymnast since the age of 6, mainly in artistic gymnastics. Dabbled in Cheerleading during Secondary school. Did gymnastics for 7 years before pausing and taking it back up at Uni!

Fave Dance Skill: split leaps!  Fave Gymnastics Skill: Front Handsprings! 

I coached for 2 years in Secondary School for my school’s team. 

 What I like about working at LEAP is how keen the girls and boys are to learn new gymnastics skills. 



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      No we don’t follow a syllabus all our coaches for dance have dance degrees or national diplomas.
      Or our Gymnastics coaches are all level 1 or 2 under British Gymnastics

  1. Hi
    My daughter is 3 years old
    I am interested in her taking up gymnastics
    If I sign her up how often would she be doing gymnastics
    Is it a class once a week

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      Hi, yes we are! The October sessions are now up to book for Saturday morning’s at Ellergreen Lifestyles, Norris Green or Friday morning’s at St Luke’s Parish Hall, Crosby.
      Please visit our website to book.

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